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[Pics] Reviews MOC 22970 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2 23009

Hello everyone!
Recently, I believe that many people have paid attention to this very hot new technology, but since many of my friends have never touched this brand, are they still hesitating? As a pioneer who constantly “tests for drugs,” I will never ignore this topic! Ok, let’s start the evaluation right away!Box photo

Using the normal packaging specifications, it is very large and the weight is amazing. It is rare that the box is pointed at the octagonal point. It feels that luck is a bit good recently… 

This set is “Static Edition”, but the manual and the dynamic version are mostly the same. If you like him to move, you can start the corresponding power components at the same time. 


Stuffed to the full part, no wonder the box is completely undeformed.

Instruction manualThe print quality is very good. The “white piece” in the intention is actually “plating”. 


Very big Zhang! The transparent bottom is used on almost all black bricks and performs generally. And the cutting of the sticker is not enough. Be careful not to tear it. 

Parts package

Divided into 3 large bags. At first, I read the manual and thought that there was no step subcontracting. I thought about this big thing, all black bricks? But after removing a few bags, I found that there was a lot of things in it! 

Each pouch has the following numbers, which mean:[model] 23009 / [step] 30.35This sub-package is simply too cool to have wood! Every time you just need to open a bag, you can assemble it. Why is it cool? 

However, the most commonly used blue bolts, black bolts, shaft bolts, etc. are all in the big bag number 3, you must first find out before you can start assembling.Note that the plated parts are also individually packaged. There is also a bag of unnumbered parts that are shared. When the part is not found in the pouch, it is in the shared bag. Assembly process 

This part is turned to linkage, [static version] looks strange.

I started using the plated parts.

This beveled piece of Qi Zhile is a sanded surface, very beautiful! 

Usually the wheels are last loaded, but this one is anti-traditional.

Should this part be the original design? The angle of the curved sleeve is not completely consistent with the shape, and there is a slight deviation. Fortunately, this is not the main structure, but it is hidden inside, and does not affect the appearance at all. 

The seat with a large number of plated parts looks extremely advanced!

It feels like the original designer is quite powerful here… The combination of each place is very strict.

The difference sticker is finished!

Finished multi-faceted photo

Details sectionThe front of the car feels very good! 

The lights are electroplated. 

The front cover has a very eye-catching plating structure, and does not affect the opening of the front cover.

The engine is inside.

The wheel eyebrows look great with this structure, but they are just a little tired…

The door handle is an electroplated piece. It is streamlined with the body when it is closed. 

The details of the steering wheel and dashboard are sufficient.

A lot of electroplated parts were used in the car as the bracket interior.

The gear on the rear plate of the car is used for the linkage of the front wheel, and the linkage effect is good.

However, to open the tailgate, you must first remove the gear.

The rear of the car should be the most mundane place in the car.

The part that can be opened.


SHF standing next to it feels completely impossible… too small… 

The seat is just right to sit up without amputation

Just look at the head

to sum up

For the big set of more than 3,000 parts, I was a little worried at first. Especially at the beginning, I thought that I didn’t have the step of subcontracting. I almost wanted to give up.

However, with the constant assembly, the performance of the various details in the kit made me feel very good, the biggest credit is definitely this subcontracting method! Because the technology set structure is complex, many times it is not clear whether you have the right pair, and when there are many parts on the hand, this kind of uneasiness is even worse, so it is divided into many steps to fight like this, the experience is quite good!

Say back to this set of performance, the part bite is not too tight, and the fingers do not hurt. It’s just that when a lot of plugs are assembled at the same time, it will be more difficult.

In terms of linkage, the shift is basically no problem. However, I felt a lot of resistance on the move. After checking it, I didn’t find the teeth. The engine linkage was fine, so I don’t know if it is normal.

In terms of shortcomings, the most intuitive to see is not a good sticker. Because many parts are not completely flat, the shortcomings of transparent stickers become apparent. Manufacturers have also tried to design non-cross-tile stickers, but it is also difficult to completely avoid problems.

In addition, the structural stability between the basic parts and the scientific parts is insufficient, and it needs to be strengthened by itself.

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